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*** Longcliffe Nursing home ***

Intergenerational Care gap becomes wider!

Our regular trips to Longcliffe Nursing Home primarily started with our Pre-School children, this has been extremely successful and the benefits of such visits are clear. Alistair Bryce-Clegg, an early years education consultant talks about the impact of such meetings on development, wellbeing, language use and acquisition, social interaction and empathy.

We have now embraced this further and our one and a half year olds from our Robins room now visit our elderly friends.

Amy and Lauren describe their most recent visit:

“What a lovely morning we have had!

We wrapped up warm and went to Longcliffe nursing home. On the way there we enjoyed watching all the cars and big busses go past whilst we waved and shouted hello to them!

When we reached Longcliffe, we were really happy and smiley, we were very proud of our Robins children. The ladies provided a picnic snack for us, so we ate our snack and sang some songs such as the ‘hello everyone’ song to introduce ourselves to the elderly.

Lauren and Amy brought some noodles and chopsticks for us all to play with since it was Chinese New Year, and the ladies provided some blocks to keep us busy too, we were sharing the blocks with our new friends building towers together.

At the end of our visit we played catch, had cuddles and gave lots of high fives! We waved goodbye to all our new friends and set off for the buggy trip back to Watermead, we hope to see our friends again soon!”

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