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'The Lodge'

A new £30k development at Brook Farm House Pre-School


Towards the end of 2018 planning permission was sort to provide a new, dedicated, self contained outdoor space at Brook Farm House for use by the children at Watermead.  The idea was to use land at the end of the garden, previously unused, and construct a purpose built 'lodge' with its own lighting, heating, washing and toilet facilities.  After performing a feasibility study, and obtaining quotes, a bespoke room designed by 'Green Retreats' was purchased.

Following the granting of planning permission early in January 2019 the site was cleared and the land prepared.  Once the ground was levelled the building was constructed over a three day period.  Electrical installation was completed, and later washing facilities added.


With the building now in full use, offering a unique retreat for all the children who attend Watermead Nursery, work has continued to develop the area surrounding the lodge.  Sleepers have been installed around the building to allow the sloping banks to be levelled, which will provide more free play area, and a dedicated toilet is being installed.


Once all the work around the building is complete redevelopment of the garden will commence, starting with the replacement of the artificial turf.  Once complete the back garden at Brook Farm House will offer a unique environment where children under the care of Watermead Nursery can fully explore their outside environment, and retreat to a beautiful self contained, dedicated building to allow further discussion and to enhance their development.


Day Nursery and Pre-School

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