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Watermead Day Nursery

Watermead Day nursery caters for children from birth to 3 years and is set across three levels.  Secure access is provided by a finger-print entry system and CCTV is employed throughout the setting.  Outdoor play is provided by three areas, one at the front of the property and two at the back.  The front area provides outdoor play specifically for the Robins room, and the two back areas, both accessed through conservatories, provide both a general use area and a secured, enclosed babies area.  Hidden away at the bottom of the back garden is the secret garden.  An escape area for all the children where they can climb, build and play.


Storks and Ducklings

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We know, from our own experiences, that leaving your young baby in a childcare setting can be a nerve wracking experience.  We aim to make this transition as comfortable and easy as possible by providing a safe and warm environment where the children can explore and develop.  Set across the ground floor, our qualified Staff in the baby unit, follow individual routines set by the parent to make sure the child is getting the same continued care as at home easing the transition from home care to nursery care.

The baby unit includes a dedicated baby room together with a base room and a conservatory, providing direct access to the outdoors.  There are also separate sleep and changing rooms.



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Children between 1.5 years and 2.5 years enjoy time in Robins.  Robins consists of three areas: the main room, the Badgers Set and an outdoor play area.  The main area of Robins has a construction area, sandpit, a cosy corner where children can relax and read and there is also a pet corner where Millie the millipede lives alongside our two African snails.  The Badgers Set is the children’s art and craft area, the children thoroughly enjoy messy play here!  The Badgers Set is also used for dining.  Outside space gives Robins children free play, there is a variety of equipment to enjoy such as the busy board, a large wicker play house, see-saws and cars, our pet guinea pig Rocky also lives here.


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Our Hedgehogs room provides a bright and airy stimulating environment for children aged between 2.5 years and 3.5 years.  Hedgehogs consists of three main sections, the creative area, the snug and the role play area.  In the creative area children enjoy participating in painting, crafts and cooking, this is also where the children have mealtimes.  In the Snug children are able to have quiet time on cushions and beanbags, perhaps read a book or play in the nature corner with our pet tarantula called Rosie! The role play area is the largest part of Hedgehogs, here we have a maths corner, a large wooden house for the children to play imaginatively and a messy play area with a water and sand tray.

The Growing Room

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The growing room is where the children can learn about where food comes from and experience the process of planting the seed, watching it grow and blossom, before finally picking and eating.  So far there's apple tree and a pear tree saplings happily growing.  It also provides a great environment in which to educate the children about wildlife, and how to encourage it into the garden.  The children have made bird feeders and a flower meadow to help encourage bees and a scented, edible den from sweet peas and runner beans grown in the room.

Outside Areas

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Watermead boasts a large outdoor space with lots of things for the children to discover!  The babbling brook runs between our two buildings and we have ducks who visit as well as our friendly resident heron.  Children enjoy playing in the mud kitchen getting messy, running around the jungle gym and playing on the climbing frame with slide.  Watermead children like to climb our tyre slope….they have even discovered a secret tunnel that leads to our very own Secret Garden!!

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Day Nursery and Pre-School

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