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Our Ofsted Report


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Watermead Nursery 5th November 2019 here

We are very proud of the “OUTSTANDING” rating we retained on 5th November 2019 at Watermead Nursery.  Below are some examples of findings from the report:

  • Staff have very high expectations for all children. The planning of activities is highly effective. It takes full account of children's interests. This results in their experiences being very well supported and built on over time. Children receive consistently strong and positive interaction from staff.

  • Children are excited to take part in the excellent activities and become deeply engaged. Staff are highly successful in helping children be very confident to explore and be creative. When children squeeze play dough, put their hands in jelly and feel oat bran run through their fingers, staff smile and provide wholehearted reassurance for them. All children are excited to take part because their relationships with staff are so positive. Staff help children to learn about the expectations for behaviour. This is reflected clearly in children's exemplary behaviour.

  • The highly successful planning of activities includes excellent opportunities for children to broaden their experiences. Staff have a highly positive relationship with a local care home. Children visit the residents with the staff. They support children to develop confidence to talk to the residents and play games with them. This involvement in the community helps children learn about people who are different to themselves. Staff make the best use of the nursery's location next to open countryside. They take babies on a walk and safely help them to pick up pebbles from a brook. Back at the nursery, the pebbles are cleaned. Babies show awe and wonder as they play with them, broadening their experience of the natural world.

Watermead Day Nurseries was registered as OUTSTANDING with Ofsted under the National Standards for Daycare in November 2019.  Both the registration certificate and details are displayed in the office for anyone to view or can be found here.


Ofsted carry out periodic inspections of childcare facilities nationally in order to ensure requirements are being met for safety, learning and development.  During inspections Ofsted visit the setting where they:

  • Observe the children at play

  • Talk to the staff, management and the children

  • Observe how nursery staff interact with the children

  • Check the children’s level of understanding and if they take part in learning

  • Talk to the staff about the children’s knowledge, skill and abilities

  • Observe care routines and how they’re used to support children’s personal development

  • Evaluate the knowledge within the setting of the early year’s foundation stage

From this they rate the setting outstanding, good, satisfactory and inadequate.


However, this does not mean we can be complacent.  We consider the requirements to obtain this rating a bare minimum and every day we aim to improve the nursery and its facilities so that we can continue to provide the very best care for all the children here.  As good as an outstanding rating is, we continually strive to make Watermead Nursery and Brook Farm House Pre-School the best, with the ultimate aim to make it a centre of excellence for childcare in the Midlands.


Day Nursery and Pre-School

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