Every Child is an Artist

Watermead Day Nursery has always been proud of providing the best facilities to help children in their care develop and grow.  This is no more evident than in the recent decision to employ a dedicated artist to the staff who aims to immerse the children into an environment that stimulates all of their senses and allows their imaginations to run free. They are dedicated to nurturing and guiding the children’s creativity, in whatever form they wish to show it and is there responsibility to help them explore may different mediums, as not all art is created with a pencil and a brush sitting behind a desk.

Our resident artist helps the children explore their creative side in many different ways, whether it be a trip outside to explore nature in all its different colours and forms, or turning the lights off to create rainbows and starry sky’s.

Giving the child the lead, and with the capability to do anything the possibilities are endless.











Watermead is so proud of its children’s achievements that the setting is awash with their artwork.



Resident Artist - When working in the art room I have always found it challenging to get the boys engaged in project work and art activities.

Following from the bird watching in the main preschool room I set up a provocation using a  taxidermy, bird skulls, feathers and abandoned nests.

The boys came in and immediately became engaged in the different objects and using their imaginations created some amazing pieces of art work using different materials to get their desired effect.


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