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Every Child is an Artist

Watermead Day Nursery has always been proud of providing the best facilities to help children in their care develop and grow.  This is no more evident than in the recent decision to employ a dedicated artist to the staff who aims to immerse the children into an environment that stimulates all of their senses and allows their imaginations to run free. They are dedicated to nurturing and guiding the children’s creativity, in whatever form they wish to show it and is there responsibility to help them explore may different mediums, as not all art is created with a pencil and a brush sitting behind a desk.

Each child is an individual from the moment that they are born. They have unique personalities and interests that continue to evolve as they grow. Art is the perfect way for children to express themselves with endless possibilities. In our Atelier we use a range of traditional methods to create art such as painting, drawing and sculpture work and we are beginning to venture into digital art. Activities are child lead so each child’s work will be completely unique and experimental.

Giving the child the lead, and with the capability to do anything the possibilities are endless.











Watermead is so proud of its children’s achievements that the setting is awash with their artwork.


A recent project that was popular amongst the children was centred around silhouettes. We were interested in exploring identity and what makes each person special. A large piece of paper was placed onto the ground and the children drew around each other. Everything from the colours used to the pose was chosen by each child to allow their individual personality to shine through. Once the children had traced themselves onto the paper, it was transferred into a digital format where the children could continue to work on the image. At Watermead we are always looking for new and unique ways for children to express themselves in every way shape and form.


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