• Nicola Colman

Van Gough 'The Starry Night'

Bek has been busy with her children in Hedgehogs 1 :

"The children in Hedgehogs 1 have been exploring different ways of mark making, to give them some inspiration I set up a provocation of foil, cotton wool buds, blue and white paint alongside a picture of Van Gough’s ‘The Starry Night’. The children pointed out the swirl techniques that are used in Van Gough’s painting.

The children were engrossed in using the cotton buds to create their own masterpiece. Using hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills they dipped and mixed the paint onto the foil in circular motions to create swirls and circles. We talked with the children about what they were doing including the shapes they were making and what was happening to the colours when they were mixed together. We also spoke about the similarities to the Starry Night painting".

“It’s blue!” “Circle” “More Bek!”



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