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  • Nicola Colman

Forest School Willow Dens

A very happy new year takes Watermead Forest School, once again, to the “Great Outdoors”.

We would like to introduce you to our Forest School Educators, Sarah and Josie. What a great team they make. Full of fun and enthusiasm for our children and outdoor learning, these ladies love to get messy and be out and about as much as they can. Can you spot their ‘Forest School Team Trade Mark’…..the Winter mud face markings?

Sarah talks about their willow den building....

This morning the forest school children enjoyed helping the Council to make a willow den at our local park.

We splashed in puddles on the way there and had a play in the park before getting muddy building and weaving the new willow dome.

As you can see from the photos the children had a fantastic morning!

“Show me Sarah”

“I want to stay in forest school”

“Let’s all splash in this huge puddle”

“I love you Nicola”

“There’s a worm….it is dead”

“I went to my nana’s and I saw a fairy door on a tree”

“I can see two squirrels in the tree Josie”

“Let’s sit in the mud”

“High five Kerry”

“I am going to chase you Roy”

“Why do people cut trees?”

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