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  • Nicola Colman

Oh what a beautiful day!

Kelly from Hedgehogs describes their morning....

"Today Hedgehogs put on their wellies and went for a walk to the field, we held hands and walked nicely together. We did lots of running on the field and we stopped for snack at the picnic benches, it was very yummy. After snack we picked some flowers, there were daisies and some tiny purple flowers.

We sang songs across the field, we had lots of fun singing ‘Mr Jelly Man’. The hill was very hard to climb but we all did it. We decided to roll back down the hill, we had so much fun. We were very tired, so we had a sit down and sang songs with the parachute.

On our way back to nursery there were lots of muddy puddles, we were so excited to jump and splash in them. We also saw a tractor, this made us all so excited we shouted “Hello” and waved at the tractor as it drove by.

We found lots of sticks. Elliot and Thomas picked up a big stick “Big stick” said Thomas, Jacob wanted to join in so he went and found a big stick too “Look Kelly”!

We were all ready for our lunch when we returned to nursery".

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