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  • Nicola Colman

Forest School Adventures

The sun is shining and the weather is hot… last! Our Forest School looks amazing in the sunshine and Mr. B. has been busy making the space extra special for our Forest School children. Forest School Leader Sarah explains: “In Forest School we have been busy visiting the Outwoods and seeing all the beautiful bluebells growing. We have enjoyed watching the trees grow their leaves and seeing them change colour. Climbing the rocks is one of our favourite things to do, also building pretend camp fires and eating our snack in the wooden hut. There were so many colours to see and so many sounds to hear. Our Forest School garden is fantastic. We have been making music on our hanging xylophone and planting vegetable seeds so we can watch them grow and then eat the rewards later in the year. We have also built a willow tepee den, sold ice-cream from our cosy cabin, dug for treasure in the sand pit and jumped into our sea of stones. In our Forest School room we have been bird watching, adding leaves to our indoor tree, watching our tadpoles grow and change, learning about the process through books and discussion, making frog hats, frog faces and being speckled frogs. We are having lots of fun and we are growing in confidence every day. According to our children “Forest School is the best!”

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