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  • Nicola Colman

Barnardo’s Toddle and Sports Day


What a very exciting day we had at Watermead sports day raising money for a great charity Barnardo’s. Our Pre-schoolers were split into six teams and we rotated around six different sporting activities. We enjoyed the egg and spoon race, stilts and hoops, hurdles, football skills, balancing beanbags and one of our favourites – the sack race!

“This is my best one, I am good at it”

“I think it is my turn, I am wearing monster trainers”

Our sports day ended with a parent race! We had 5 very keen Daddies who ran a race that included eggs and spoons and beanbags. The children were excited to watch and there was a lot of cheering.

We are thrilled at how much we raised – a grand total of £330.90!

Thank you so much for your generous donations.

Baby 1

Babies had a lovely walk by the stream and along to the big field behind Forest Road. Two babies toddled around the field pointing at the birds and two dogs! They were trying to say “bird” too. The other babies enjoyed sitting on the grass playing with daisies. We all enjoyed singing songs and clapping our hands. On our way back to nursery 4 out of our 6 babies fell asleep! We had lots of fun in the sunshine.

Baby 2

Today was the Big Toddle for Barnardo’s! Every room planned to go out for a walk to raise money, our target was £200 and we raised £330.90!

Baby 2 decided to go for a walk to the park…we had lots of fun playing on the slide and there were definitely lots of smiles and laughter. We enjoyed every part of the day in the sunshine, we all kept our hats on and had sun cream on.

After all the playing we needed some energy for the journey back so we sat on the bench as we munched on our snack of breadsticks and raisins, then headed back to Watermead


The children were excited to go for a toddle! We got ready nice and early with our sun hats and sun cream then lined up, holding hands ready to walk to the tennis courts. Once on the tennis courts we began our walk, we tried walking and running and we managed to get around the courts five times before we stopped for a drink. Once refreshed we continued our toddle until it was snack time.


Hedgehogs thoroughly enjoyed their walk around the field. We listened and looked for wildlife too and were fortunate to find some birds and a dog being taken for a walk. A fun day had by all. Well done everyone!

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