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  • Nicola Colman

Police Visit Watermead

Rebecca from Pre-school describes the morning.....

"Last week we were lucky enough to have the police visit us here at Watermead Nursery. We talked about how the police keep us safe and what they do for our community such as keep our roads safe and make sure no one gets hurt. The children were able to have a go at turning the police lights on and off and even tried on their police hats and coats! They were a little too big for a few of us! We took it in turns at sitting in the police car where some of us played the role of the police, keeping our community safe from baddies! We were also able to hear what a police car sounds like with its siren on. Some of us had to cover our ears! The police also demonstrated a special camera that shows us how fast a car is driving. We loved having the police visit our nursery and we thank them for keeping us all safe!"

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