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Watermead Graduation 2018

Pre-School practitioner Khloe describes the Graduation....... “Over the course of 6 weeks, our Pre-Schoolers have been enjoying afternoons full of music and movement, getting ready to show off their fantastic performance skills to their Mummies & Daddies. Together, we came up with a wonderful story about the zoo. The children worked with myself & Mrs Stevens to create a script and poem, by telling their own experiences and stories and what they enjoyed most about coming to Pre-School. "I like Mrs Stevens" says one child. "I like playing with my friends" says another. There were some delightful comments made, some that were funny and others that were very heartfelt. We decided that these would make a wonderful poem, so Mrs Stevens pieced it together for the children to enjoy at our Graduation. Alongside contributing to the poem, the children worked together to create an imaginative script based around visiting the zoo. The children also enjoyed singing and dancing along to music and a guitar played by Mrs Stevens. They sang many songs including 'you are my sunshine' and 'I hear thunder' as well as danced to 'we're going to the zoo.' They absolutely loved practicing for their show, and often expressed their enjoyment by pleading for more practice! When Graduation day arrived, the children had lots of fun together performing for their families. They started the beautiful performance, and then went on to enjoy some yummy party food, they ate cake, posed for pictures, ran around with excitement and said goodbye to their friends and their ‘big girls’ (Watermead staff members!) It was a lovely afternoon filled with so much fun, laughter, talent and pride. Well done on your performance Pre School, keep shining like the stars you all are. A huge good luck from all of us at Watermead Day Nursery”

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