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*** Longcliffe Nursing Home ***

*** Longcliffe Nursing Home ***

A huge thank you to Mel and Nita who took a small group of children to Longcliffe Nursing Home to raise awareness for Dementia Week. Nita describes their morning.

“A lovely trip to see our friends at Longcliffe nursing home. After a lovely walk and a nice cool drink, we were ready to meet everyone, we said hello and told residents our names and how old we were, the residents told us their names and their ages too!

Because it was dementia awareness week, we decided it would be a good idea to play some memory games. We played card games with our resident friends. We played snap and a game called matching pairs. In this game we turned the cards over so we couldn’t see the picture, we picked two cards and had to see if they matched, when we put them down we had to remember where they were and try and find the matching card! We were all great at this game and took turns with our resident friends, even helping some of them to remember where their card was.

We then played another memory game. We had random objects on a tray eg key, spoon, toy animal, train, car etc and we had to look and remember everything on the tray, one object was then taken away and we had to guess what was missing! We were fantastic at this!!!

After all this hard work we enjoyed a well deserved snack and drink. We enjoyed singing ‘wheels on the bus’ and the residents even joined in! We then listened to a story called the ravenous monster together with the residents, they thought it was very funny to have monster in the book.

After all the fun we said our goodbyes as it was time to head back to nursery for our yummy dinner.

Thank you so much Longcliffe and the residents for being so welcoming and especially the children for all being so lovely with the residents. Well done everyone xx”

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