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  • Nicola Colman

Amherst School

Miss Winton from Loughborough Amherst School was delighted to share her second story sack with our Watermead Pre-School children. Everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed the session, it was based on the lovely book ‘Titch’ by award winning author Pat Hutchins. Titch is the smallest and the youngest in his family. His brother Pete and his sister Mary have bigger bikes than Titch, kites that fly higher in the sky and instruments that make much BIGGER noises. But when Titch plants a tiny seed they all find out that starting off small is just the first stage of GROWING!!!

The session was a mathematical session asking children to make decisions about sorting and making comparisons between sizes.

If you would like to continue the fun at home you can choose household items and ask your child to put them in height order. Another fun activity is to plant a sunflower seed and watch over time how tall it grows.

Tidying up toys can also be made into a game by suggesting putting away all the biggest toys first, making their way down to the smaller toys.

We would like to thank Miss Winton for a very fun and interactive session.

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