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  • Nicola Colman

*** National Allotment Week ***

As part of Healthy Tots and the healthy eating module we took part in National Allotment Week. Josie describes the activities: "For allotment week we have been very busy in forest school. At the beginning of the week we helped water the green house and looked for some cucumbers that were ready to eat. We had these for our snack, they were very juicy. On Wednesday we all helped prepare vegetables taking turns to peel and chop them. We looked at the shapes, colours and smells. We talked about where we think they may grow, in the ground? On a tree? Or on a plant?. We put all of the vegetables into a big pan ready to cook over the campfire. This took a very long time to cook so we started early. It was raining quite heavily so the children played between the outdoor room and the garden in between showers. Some children also enjoyed watching, and on a one to one basis some wanted to help stir the soup. We had to be extremely careful and used our fire glove to protect us. When the soup was ready we all had it for our tea with some crusty bread. Yummy! For pudding we had a special treat jam doughnuts cooked on the fire." Rita describes the activities in Kingfishers: "This afternoon we enjoyed cutting vegetables such as courgettes, onions, leeks, carrots, butternut squash, potatoes, to make a yummy soup, we are so good at peeling and cutting the vegetables into pieces. Once the vegetables were cooked, we had a turn at blending them to make soup. We all enjoyed our homemade vegetable soup with some crusty bread for tea."

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