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*** World Photo Day ***

Rory and Mel celebrated World Photo Day with some of our Pre-School children. The children were fully engaged in the activities and enjoyed taking photos of each other, close objects and even Rory and Mel. If you would like to continue the activities at home, here are a few ideas for you.

Here is a selection of the 500 photos that were taken!

Activity Outline:

  • Use ribbon or string to make handles if needed

  • In small groups show the children how the camera works – looking through the viewfinder and clicking the button (and winding on with disposable cameras)

  • If you are using disposable cameras, explain that the photos will be stored on the camera (this is different from what many of them are used to as they normally see the display on a digital camera or phone/tablet). You might like to have some examples of photos that you have taken using a disposable camera to show the children

  • In small groups talk to the children about what photos they are going to take – you might like to have a particular focus e.g. a special event, going on a local trip, a number/colour/shape or letter walk, or taking photos of our friends. Why not ask them to take pictures of where they like to play? Or what they like best at nursery? Or allow them to freely explore

  • Support the children to take photos, and remember that children see the world very differently to us so allow the children to take the images they are interested in

  • When the disposable cameras are finished, get the film developed - ideally as soon as possible to keep the children’s interest. If you have a shop locally then plan a local trip with the children to take the cameras and then collect the developed film.

  • For digital cameras, upload the photos onto a computer and ask the children to select the ones they would like to keep. You can then print off, enlarge, show on slide shows and use on interactive whiteboards. You can use software like Photoshop to extend the activity following the children’s interests

  • Share the photos with the children and talk about them, recording their comments. Make photo albums and displays.

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