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East Midlands Ambulance Service

*** East Midlands Ambulance Service ***

Last week we were all very excited to see an ambulance come and visit us, we walked very nicely from Watermead to the car park at the end of the lane.

Tim and Sarah introduced themselves to the children and invited them into the ambulance. The children enjoyed sitting on the bed, pressing buttons and learning what a paramedics job is. The session was very interactive, they were shown thermometers, nebulisers, the ECG machine, they had their temperatures taken, were bandaged and enjoyed seeing the lights on top of the ambulance.

At the end of the session Tim and Sarah were making smiley face hats from sick bowls and blowing up gloves to make them into people. A very important message was given to the children, if one of our family members are in trouble to call 999.

Tim from East Midlands Ambulance Services states “Being unwell can be a scary time for little ones who do not understand. It is important that visits like this are done to ensure that children realise that we are there to help and it is nothing to be scared of. The children were really interested in the things we had to show them and they left with a smile”

Thank you, Tim and Sarah, for a very informative, fun and interactive session, we hope to see you again soon.



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