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  • Nicola Colman

Fun at Longcliffe Nursing Home

Kyla describes the morning:

"We had a lovely walk to Longcliffe. The sun was shining, and the children were talking about the different flowers they could see and smell. When we arrived, we were greeted by Karen the Manager who took us to see the residents. The residents were all happy to see us, we told them that we would be doing some parachute games with them, Shirley was so excited. The children showed Shirley, Arthur, Joe and Terry the different games we play using the parachute, such as keeping the ball on the parachute, the colour game and making waves. The residents appeared to be very interested, so we asked them to join us with our games. There were smiles and laughter all round, especially when we waved at each other under the parachute. Karen then asked the children if they would like a story so we all sat with one of our resident friends to listen to Room on a Broom. When the story ended we each chose a book and took it to one of our friends, the children loved listening to the story telling. We then enjoyed a drink and a biscuit with them. Terry was very chatty and was asking the children what they wanted to be when they grew up. We had lots of responses: “A police officer” “A Princess” “A shop keeper” “A submarine driver” We then sang lots of nursery rhymes with the residents and then said our goodbyes, heading back to Pre-School for some yummy lunch."

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