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  • Nicola Colman

The Royal Wedding Party

*** Royal wedding *** Our Pre-Schoolers thoroughly enjoyed preparing for our Royal tea party! We had lots of fun creating decorations and talking about weddings and the Royal family. Some of our Pre-Schoolers knew lots about London and our queen, and happily shared their knowledge and experiences with all of us! "I moved from London" one child said as we coloured in our flags. Some children had a great time making bunting, while others helped Nita make and decorate flags, alongside Margaret who was helping the children finish Naomi's paper chain! The children had great fun using their fine motor skills to squash, roll and pinch the paper balls and stick them down to create their own designs for the bunting. We decided together that the special colours for our celebrations were red, white and blue, which lead us onto learning and talking about primary colours. Some children drew their own flag, whilst others preferred the printed version to decorate - both equally as wonderfully completed. The children were very excited to learn all about London and our Royal family, and loved the idea of dressing up and celebrating the Pre-School way! Together we created a shopping list with special party food requests from our own mini prince and princesses, whilst discussing how many beautiful princess costumes some of the girls had hiding in their wardrobes! We decided that a Royal tea party wouldn't be as fun if we didn't dress up, and so that's just what we did! When the clock struck 3 and it was time for tea, the children went out into the sunshine and enjoyed their special party! Out in the garden the children enjoyed some yummy sandwiches and cake made for us by Tracey. We had some special party food to celebrate with each other and then partied away in our suits and dresses like real prince and princesses! We then enjoyed playing in the garden before the clock struck 6 for home time! Pre-school loved having a Royal tea party and talking about the Royal family, we hope you heard all about it too during your journeys home!

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