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  • Nicola Colman

Rushcliffe Park with Kinch Bus

"Last week we had a very exciting day!

18 children were all ready with their backpacks, highvis jackets and sun hats ready to have an adventure. We walked to the car park to be greeted by Kaptain Kinch and his friend, they gave us all a balloon, a draw-string bag and a water bottle for us to keep. We got on the bus with Kaptain Kinch and set off for Rushcliffe Park.

When we arrived, we headed towards the sensory trail, it was amazing, we played with all the musical instruments made from recycled objects and worked our way around the trail making lots of interesting noises.

We then walked towards the other trails, we passed the big lake where we spotted lots of different birds and even passed a train track which had lots of old trains at the station. When we arrived at the very long wood sculptured snake, we decided to have a rest and fuel up with some lunch so we took a seat on the snake and tucked in to our tasty picnic.

After lunch we went to the tyre maze, we managed to find the pirates treasure and even found a hedgehog made of tyres to climb on too. We then went to the big adventure play park, the children were so happy that they ran, rolled and skipped down the big grassy hill toward the park.We had so much fun, we went on the big slides, even some of the adults came on with us as we really wanted a go but were not quite sure! After going on with the adults we were so brave that we tried out the even bigger slides by ourselves.

We did lots of climbing and sliding before it was time to return to the bus and be on our way back to nursery"

What a lovely day we had on our adventure to Rushcliffe park!

Sincere thanks to Kinch Bus, we look forward to seeing you again soon for our next exciting trip out.

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