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Healthy Eating - Mealtimes

Meal times at both settings are considered extremely important parts of the day, providing the children with time to share with others and talk with their friends.

Cooked like at home.

At Watermead our menus are all home cooked, carefully planned to meet the individual needs of each child and provide a healthy nutritionally well-balanced diet. All meals are prepared on site by our chef, Linda. We only use fresh ingredients, including fresh vegetables, fruit and locally produced meats from our friendly butchers.

Catering for all needs

We offer a Vegetarian option and alternative foods will be offered if your child dislikes the meal that is served. Drinks are offered throughout the day which includes milk, fruit juice and water.


In our pre-school rooms we encourage each child to serve themselves at mealtimes. This introduces them to independence and gives them a choice of which food they prefer, also helping them to decide on their own portion size.

Allergies and dietary information

If your child has a food allergy Watermead Day Nursery will ensure that all staff are informed of the allergies. We display photos of the children and their allergies in the kitchen area, a dietary information sheet is displayed in each room and all food from the kitchen is labelled.

For the babies

For the babies at Watermead parents can bring expressed breast milk or formula into nursery and all bottles will be clearly labelled with your child’s name as they arrive.

If you would like a copy of our current menus, or would like to discuss your child’s nutritional requirements then you can contact us via the following email Or call the nursery directly.




Day Nursery and Pre-School

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