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  • Nicola Colman

Resident Artist Naomi

Naomi talks about her recent art work with the children:

We are currently learning about a great artist called Sidney Gordin. He was a sculptor and painter who used form, colour, line, texture and pattern to create both 2D and 3D abstract art. I chose this artist to develop the children’s understanding of shapes and colour and to introduce the concept of constructing in 3D form.

The children refined their cutting skills by using scissors to cut a variety of shapes from coloured paper, they arranged them onto a background and stuck them down to make their own Sidney Gordin inspired collage.

Next came the sculpture. Using Gordin’s method the children painted shapes of cardboard that had slits in. Once dry the children could slot their pieces together like a jigsaw to create whatever form they wanted. This was definitely a hit with the children and they were amazed with their creations!

Here are a few comments the children made:

“Mine is brilliant isn’t it!”

“Green, white, purple, red and pink!”

“It looks like a rocket”

“A little bit of orange square” “Triangles, squares and circles”

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