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  • Nicola Colman

Operation Christmas Child

Mrs Stevens and her pre-school children have been very busy wrapping gift donations for the Samaritans Operation Christmas Child. Mrs Stevens explains:

"Pre school collected many donations for shoe boxes this year and enjoyed sorting them out. The children helped to wrap the boxes, using the scissors and sellotape and cutting the paper, noting the shapes needed.

They also helped to share out the various gifts, counting them out to check which box had more or less and making sure it was fair. The groups shared their own hopes and dreams for Christmas and agreed that it was good to help the children who would get no presents. They liked the fact the the boxes would go on a lorry and be given to children in need.

Once the boxes have been sent on their journey we will receive an e-mail confirming where they were sent. Thank you very much to all who donated; in total we filled eleven boxes."

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