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Watermead Nativity

Our Pre-School children worked extremely hard throughout November and December preparing for the Watermead Nativity.

Kyla explains……

“After lots of story scribing with Mrs Stevens together we produced the children’s interpretation of The Nativity. Pre-School worked very hard thinking of Christmas stories, songs and events, this lead to a beautiful story that you can read below.

On performance morning the children were very excited choosing which character they would like to be. After helping them into their costumes, pre-school took their positions ready for the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

The children shone brightly, and were all fantastic in their roles. We thank you for all your support and coming to watch the performance”

Our scriptwriters are: Evie C, Jessica D, Morgan D, Isabelle H, Jack H, Elsie H, Etta I, Evie K, Barclay L, Rebecca L, Levi O, Sophie S, Myra S, George S, Alys S, Aiden T, Pol T.

Pre School Nativity 2017

Once upon a time...

Mary had a baby in her tummy.

Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem, they have a long walk because they need to be counted 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Mary was getting tired and she ride on a donkey, they walked with the donkey.

They went to an inn.

Knock on the door, “Knock, knock.”

“Are you got some room?”

They said, “We fulled,” they fulled up with lots of people.

Then they go to another house, “Are you got any room?” “No.”

The grown up was getting tired, they went to the stable, they were sleepy.

They slept with the animals at the back.

The baby came, a Baby Jesus came out. They put him in the hay.

The cows were in (and a Christmas tree).

Then a angel camed....and the angel came and said to the shepherds....

The shepherds were frighted by the angel, “Don't be scared!” “Follow the star!”

The shepherds had a baby sheep.... they were from the hills. They don't have any money, they take.... a little baby lamb.

The wise men following the star, they had presents for the baby; gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The star going up on the stable, the angels sing to Baby Jesus, they sing a happy song.

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