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  • Nicola Colman

Alzheimer’s awareness day

This week we had another visit to Longcliffe. The children were very excited to go and see their resident friends and sang all the way there.

When we arrived, the residents were very happy to see us. We were introduced to the new residents and then we all chose a friend to colour the cupcake bunting flags with. The residents were very impressed with the children’s colouring and how neat it was.

Whilst we waited to take part in the cake decorating we sang for the residents and the elderly tried their best to join in. The elderly then sang their favourite song to us.

The children and residents were very excited to do the cake decorating and were very good at sharing and helping each other. We then ate our yummy cupcake, washed down with some juice before heading back to Watermead.

Thank you Longcliffe for having us, we had a great time, as we always do!

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